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Vaisala's forecast system is based on the most advanced numerical weather prediction modeling techniques. It statistically integrates on-site data to calibrate forecast predictions to a project site's distinct geography and climate. When long-term ground observations are unavailable we use nearly 20 years of hourly site data from our global solar dataset to provide a reliable and accurate solar production forecast.

Methodology - Vaisala developed our solar forecast using the most physically robust technique to provide accurate irradiance and power forecasts specific to a solar project's unique environment. The numerical weather prediction model Vaisala employs is an open source model c​​​ontinually updated and improved upon by the international atmospheric science and research community.

Features - Solar Forecast Tools - MOS-corrected day-ahead GHI or power forecast with downloadable forecast data files. Rewind Tool allows you to compare the current forecast with previous predictions. API available for faster integration of downloadable forecast data into your internal analysis tools and programming software. Customizable dashboard interface. Guaranteed 24/7 availability

Frequency - The forecast is updated every 6 hours, provides hourly predictions, and projects 60 hours into the future

Security - Easily set your own permissions system for access to forecast information with unique usernames and passwords. In addition, Vaisala provides a secure password protected web host server for all data transfers

VAISALA CAISO Zonal Solar Power Forecasts

CAISO SP-15, ZP-26, and NP-15 solar generation forecasts 0-6 days ahead
▪ Hourly intervals updated with twice daily updates
▪ Flexible display tool for showing 3TIER Blend, Public forecast and actuals
▪ P10 and P90 prediction intervals
▪ Fast API for integration into MS Excel or other systems
▪ 6-months of historical forecasts and actuals Read more in the datasheet below…